global doctor of business administration in sustainability

Together with Professor Wenyu Dou, a college from SKEMA’s Suzhou campus in China, I am the architect and the director of SKEMA’s Global DBA in Sustainability programme. This doctoral programme is designed for executives with extended work experience, it runs for four years, and supports participants’ ambition to make a research-based, significant and long-lasting positive impact on today’s sustainability challenges.

Programme overview

The SKEMA Doctor of Business Administration in Sustainability is the world’s first sustainability-focussed DBA programme that prepares business professionals to expand their breadth of knowledge in leadership, management, and sustainability. The programme is designed to equip students to apply research-based solutions to complex business challenges today, along the social, environmental, and economic dimensions.

Our DBA programme offers senior executives a rigorous academic journey with exposure to the latest business research trends in sustainability and related topics. Through applied research, we promote the learning and discovery of innovative business strategies that empower organisations to achieve long-term, and sustainable goals. SKEMA is an internationally renowned institution recognised for its educational and research excellence. Our faculties are committed to sharing their insights and perspectives that will inspire students to pursue impactful research.

Leveraging their expertise, we offer a broad range of in-depth courses in theory and research methodology, as well as mentoring opportunities with productive faculties. In addition to the formal curriculum, a series of residential research development workshops, held in SKEMA’s global campuses (France, Brazil, China, USA), also adds a highly valuable international element to the programme. Our programme seeks to admit a highly selective group of senior executives with an intellectual curiosity about how businesses or organisations can embrace sustainability principles and boost growth.

Successful graduates will also be equipped to create scientifically grounded knowledge and contribute to sustainability education in higher education institutions.

It may be a challenging DBA journey, yet it will be rewarding for yourself, society, and the planet.

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